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Eco, Mami, Ruby, Sckoon, Natu/Si-bell, Fleur

I think I'm in love. I just got a few more cups in the mail today, and thought I'd post pictures and a quick description of the Eco-cups (size 1 and 2), Mamicup and Ruby cup (the others have been written about).
The Eco-cups, even the size 2, are almost as short over-all as the Si-bell/Natu (that's a Natu in the pics, but it really looks the same), but the cups themselves are so short that low cervix people can wear them easily.

-The large (E2) about one point, the small (E1) about two points firmer than the Fleurcup
-5 slanted holes - hole diameter very small
- very smooth lines and no visible side seam

-About one pt firmer than small Fleucup
-4 small holes that sit very low
-very smooth - I can see the sidseam when held against light

S Mamicup:
-4 small holes
-shape and size very close to S Fleurcup
-inside feels different from peachskin outside
-outside has many grippy textures that may be an issue if you are sensitive
-a tiny bit softer than S Fleurcup

Let me know if you have any questions.

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